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fghanistan's Invisible History, Gould and Fitzgerald

Talk Nation Radio for August 20, 2009

Afghanistan's Invisible History, Gould and Fitzgerald
Part two of two, each stands alone

Authors of Invisible History, Afghanistan's Untold Story

Part 1 is here:

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Topics include:
-The history of British and US imperialists who have long sought to dominate Afghansitan.
-What the Obama administration must and must not do.
-The cost of the Afghan war, could Afghansitan bankrupt America?
-How US foreign policy has strengthened the extremists and undermined social progress.

We turn once again to our discussion with Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald, the husband and wife writing team who were the only journalists to gain access to Afghanistan in 1981, after the Soviet invasion. They then co wrote the book, "Invisible History, Afghanistan's Untold Story." Their web site is:

As Afghans go to the polls, we consider the impact of US foreign and military policies on their country dating back to the 1970s. Their book delves into the history dating back to before the turn of the century, and reveals a budding democracy, woman's rights, up until US support for misogynist war lords like Gulbadin Heckmaytar, led to an increase in power for extremists.

Afghanistan is vital to the foreign policy interests of many nations. But the real history of the impact of British colonialism, and America's covert alliances with war lords and terrorists dating back to the 1970s and 1980s, is seldom discussed.

Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald offer their insights and warnings to President Barack Obama, and assess how US foreign policy is going. They also assess the role played by individuals with commitments to a form of mystical imperialism, with goals of dominating Afghanistan. They will not succeed, according to the authors.

If they befriended the Afghan people, took measures to re-stabilize their country, and build a strong Afghanistan, the US would insure stability and friendship in the region.

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